||: MacQuarium by Dave D'aranjo :||

I found a Macintosh 128K on the side of the road in Singapore, and, having seen quite a few awesome MacQuariums at The Apple Collection Website,
I decided to embark on the project myself. It took several months to complete the piece using instructions found at LowEndMac.com.
The tank was the most difficult to accomplish; the rear edge is beveled alongside the casing to allow for the maximum amount of water capacity.
This, very importantly, allows the waterlevel to rise above the top edge of the 'screen', thus completing the screensaver illusion.
Thanks to Coral Reef Aquarium Singapore for this. The background is a black matte with Apple logo transparency custom printed by FotoHub Singapore
and back-lit with three LED tube lights, available at Sim Lim Square.
Special thanks to Stan Wong of MagicLasso.com for his great photography skills, and to Joel Stein, picture at Applefritter.com, for design inspiration.

© 2008